Chicken Adoption and Rescue for HDB

Chicken Adoption and Rescue for HDB

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Estelle Teh started this petition to HDB (Housing Development Board (Singapore)) and


Hi everyone, I'm Estelle, a 25-year old creative strategist / director in a creative agency serving clients and their communication needs. I'm in this industry to make a change in the mindset and champion for social causes such as kids with special needs, persons with disabilities and other social issues. Today, I never thought I would need a campaign to start voicing out collectively for a non-commercial poultry keeping hobby in Singapore. 

Under the Housing Development Board, HDB owners are not allowed to keep non-commercial poultry due to noise pollution or breeding of these animals.

What happened to trigger this petition? 
I was paid a visit by a HDB officer on 22nd July 2021 to re-home my flock of 7 chickens (2 bantams, 3 Cochins & 2 silkies). A letter was send to my residential address informing me that I have to rehome my flock. 

Why am I writing to gather the support of the community? 
There were cases of abandoned pets around the community (cats, dogs, hamsters, rabbits, guinea pig and more - removing the exotic animals). It’s the same for chickens.

Today, there are many chickens being found on streets that kind hearted souls like Chicken Adoption Rescue Singapore would like to rescue and give them a home. For that to happen, we need the community to come together and voice out our thoughts on rescuing these chickens (Silkies, Bantams, Orphingtons, polish and more) 

Due to a non-legal binding statement stating that chickens are not allowed, the community grew smaller.  There were no laws that were stated that it is illegal to keep non-commercial poultry in HDB. (It was stated discourage and not allowed) note that these are ornamental pets that are not for consumption and food. They ate the same food as non-commercial birds and parrots eat. 

I am writing to start making a change in this community. 

What should we do? 
Sign for this petition, do not donate to this campaign. 

What would I do with this petition? 
To speak with a MP or someone who has vested interest in this community to make a change and allow rescuing work made available for HDB owners, not just private property owners in Singapore. 

You can read the reference materials at the bottom of the petition to find out more about how Eric Woo started Fowl Mouthed Family, a small chicken-keeping community and share his thoughts in 2019 about this hobby. 

Article by Rice Media 
Title: Chickens are the best pets. Yes, even in HDB 

Article by Yahoo News
Title: Now hatching: Growing interest in raising ornamental chickens as pets, says hobby group founder

0 have signed. Let’s get to 200!
At 200 signatures, this petition is more likely to be featured in recommendations!