DO NOT allow cats in HDB flats in Singapore

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Pls let our tight surroundings and sanctity of our homes be free from noise, pollution, scares, bites, dirt, and general fear caused by cats and huge dogs. Cats are NOT domestic animals by nature. 

1. Many people live so closely in one HDB block!! And  sharing of less than 2-metre-square lifts. 

2. I & my family do NOT want to be traumatised daily by cats and huge dogs in our Last Place Of Refuge in busy lives - we need Quiet Flats.

3. unfair to people who LOVE BABIES & HUMANS but not animal / people concerned about living in densely populated high-rise buildings with many frightening animals.
4. Old people & families DO NOT want neighbours living in close proximity above us, AND left AND right, AND below us, to have cats.
5. - we do not want cats or dogs disturbing our peace every night and day, TERRORISING us, curling themselves up along the corridors & blocking the way so we're scared to walk past (Actually we have NO way to walk past.... And this had happened MANY times before.... My poor old aunt  had to have a "stand-off" with the cat that blocked the corridor  and she could not go home!

6. Cats may also suddenly bound up to us at staircase or in the lift when the lift opens. Urggggh! 

7. Why we do not want HDB to let cats and huge dogs overrun our Densely-Populated Blocks ( if we have a choice, we will also not allow medium sized dogs but AVA and HDB already let them. They can keep small dogs. Do not let them insist on having every kind of animal. )
8. Traumatic and leaves OLD PEOPLE in the same block helpless... there may also be negative effects on young children, babies, pregnant women, & sleep-deprived Singaporeans. 
9. My old family members cannot walk properly and are defenceless against inconsiderate dog-lovers and cat-lovers.. whose animals roam and strike fear into hearts.
10. Inconsiderate neighbour keeping a cat illegally. He let his cat leave his house & enter ours when we opened the front gate! &


My 60-year-old and 82-year-old family members' ankles and feet SWELLED to double the size, Turned Purple.... and were infected by the bacteria.

11. *PLEASE READ THE EFFECTS OF CATS' SCRATCH OR BITES. Cats' are more dangerous than dogs. They've MORE TOXINS. 

12. Even the THREAT or thought of being scratched / bitten by cat fangs is already frightening.

13. Some people have the fear of cats and dogs.
14. Old folk / Elderly has Heart attack because of fear of dog or cat: how are you going to be responsible for human life? 
15. Old people, or people in poor health living in public Housing, should NOT be subjected to cats or fear of them.

16. Cats don't know their boundaries & cat-lovers often don't care about others in public HDB houses.


17. Nobody  dares to speak against vociferous animal-lovers taking over our space.


18. The noise made by animals : how are we supposed to sleep at night or take naps in the day? It's close proximity, unlike you ministers' huge landed bungalows.

19. Once you implement a policy, it will be very difficult to take it back... We beg you NOT to allow it.
(a) Human lives and our Families/Family are more important than cats. 

(b) To cat lovers: Please be considerate towards your hundreds & hundreds of HDB neighbours (HUMANS not cats) in just ONE block who do NOT want cats sharing our already-noisy-and-limited spaces, potentially spreading germs, breeding bacteria & viruses (look at Wuhan), disturbing our MENTAL Health and well-being , MAKING THE PLACE SOUND LIKE A ZOO AT NIGHT OR IN DAY, sharing our community facilities (like lifts and corridors), and SCARING people who are afraid of dog/cat or do not like them. 

(c) Do not implement a policy at the EXPENSE of Human beings.

20. The whole town will be unmanageable! 
We are Stacked on top of one another! 

Horrors if cats (and large dogs) above/below/left And right of us ��

Cats (and big dogs) should not be allowed to Breed in HDB flats for very good reasons. People share lifts, AND floors/ceilings, corridors, AND walls next to each other. Walls *next to neighbours!