Barbara O'Neill under fire - appeal to HCCC

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Barbara O'Neill - world renown, much loved and highly respected Nutritionist and Health Director from Misty Mountain Health Retreat is in crisis right now, with the HCCC prohibiting her to practice or speak, following false allegations from 2 people involved in a political difference with Barbara's husband Michael O'Neill, for his involvement in a party that opposes compulsory medication.  At least one of those making the allegations is an active member of the Australian Skeptics and the Friends of Science in Medicine, two organisations that use bullying and vilification extensively, and they are using the HCCC complaint process to punish or eliminate an opponent that has a differing ideology.  Barbara has never advised these people, or had personal contact with them - it is purely a bullying tactic.

The complaint uses broad terms and makes sweeping allegations that are merely theorising, and not in a single instance produces any harm or danger from any person that has been advised, treated, or had connections with Barbara and Misty Mountain Health Retreat.

In the next few weeks, we have a chance to share the positive experiences we have had with Barbara O'Neill, and petition the HCCC to drop the allegations, and let this talented, caring lady get back to what she does best - educating people about how to take care of their bodies using 8 simple health laws - Nutrition, Exercise, Water, Sunshine, Temperance/Balance, Fresh Air, Rest, Trust/Peace.

You can find out more about Barbara at and hear one of her life-changing health talks at

See for yourself what a kind, knowledgable, and caring person she is.  BUT BEFORE YOU GO THERE,   PLEASE VOTE NOW TO HELP CLEAR BARBARA ONEILL's excellent name, and please share this far and wide with your networks.  We are aiming for 10,000 signatures in 2 weeks!

THANK YOU for your amazing support!

Friends of Barbara O'Neill