HCA to Close CarePartners Wheelchair and Seating Clinic. Reverse Your Decision Now!

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Since the sale of the nonprofit Mission Health System to the for-profit HCA, HCA has announced the closure of CarePartners Wheelchair and Seating Clinic.

  • CarePartners Wheelchair and Seating Clinic serves NC patients in an area from the NC I-77 corridor west and some patients who travel from Johnson City, TN.
  • Many patients of CarePartners Wheelchair and Seating Clinic are dependent upon their wheelchairs. Many are unable to drive. They include children and adolescents, and disabled who are dependent upon others for transportation. Some are among the most physically and emotionally vulnerable.
  • CarePartners Wheelchair and Seating Clinic, not only provides knowledgeable information about wheelchairs, manufacturers and sources, the clinic’s expertise is vital. It takes a multitude of measurements to ensure that the chair is the best fit for the needs of each individual.
  • Some wheelchair patients live in their chairs as much as 14 hours a day. Proper fitting/seating/cushioning is crucial in preventing further health issues including potentially life-threatening pressure sores.
  • One CarePartners Wheelchair and Seating Clinic advocate relates “The depth of experience [for those] with complex disabilities cannot be matched, and is an absolute lifeline for the physically disabled. It is not one size fits all, and the precision and experience involved can mean the difference between maximum independence and comfort vs. restricted mobility, skin breakdown, or skeletal and nerve problems because of improper support.”
  • CarePartners Wheelchair and Seating Clinic is the only clinic of its kind in the region, is widely known, highly respected, and has proudly and successfully served this population for 34 years. To find a comparable clinic, patients will now have to travel to Greenville, SC or Charlotte, NC.

HCA, you state - firstly - in your Mission and Values “Actions Speak Louder than Words.”  We agree. Your Action to Close CarePartners Wheelchair and Seating Clinic is, indeed, SPEAKING VERY LOUDLY!

HCA, you made a decision to ignore crucial medical needs of a vast segment of your community!

HCA, you also state “we are driven by a single mission: Above all else, we are committed to the care and improvement of human life. We are committed to delivering healthcare as it should be: patient-centered and for the good of all people, no matter their circumstance. To achieve this, we must be active; we must be kind. We must work with integrity, share our skills and never stop learning. Exceptional health care is built on a foundation of inclusion, compassion and respect – for our patients and for each other. We will foster a culture of inclusion across all areas no matter a person’s race, color, religion, sex, national origin, age, disability, sexual orientation, gender identity or veteran status.

Our Wheelchair Community sees clearly that you, HCA, are failing to live up to your mission as stated above.

HCA, you are right. Actions do speak louder than words! We call on you to be fully aware of your action and the impact it will have.

HCA, Reverse Your Decision to Close CarePartners Wheelchair and Seating Clinic.

Please Sign this Petition. Let HCA Know that You Object to this Closure!