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Save Bill Maher!

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Keep Bill Maher on the air! One of the last real voices on television and 1 of the only shows on air that allows REAL, CANDID discussions on current and world events LIVE and unscripted. Recently Bill has come under fire for a light-hearted reactionary joke made during June 2nd's episode of Real Time in which he referred to himself as a "house-n*****" when asked if he would work in fields. Bill has long been an honest voice of reason in what seems like an ever-devolving political landscape. It would be a shame to have such a great show taken away due to over-sensitive liberals and the recent growing attack on free speech. First Kathy Griffin, and now Bill Maher. If we let this trend continue, where does it end? Is free speech no longer an American value? I'd like to think it still is, which is why we need to let HBO know that WE [America] are NOT that easily offended and fully support Bill and his show! We need objective debate for progress and Bill's show is 1 of the last remaining public forums for politicians and celebrities to come face to face and hash out differences in ideas, opinions, and events. Tell HBO and Time Warner they NEED TO KEEP REAL TIME ON THE AIR! I personally vow to cancel my HBO subscription if Real Time is even threatened with cancellation and I ask that you do the same. If not, at least sign this petition to let HBO and America know that WE STAND WITH BILL and will NOT tolerate the war on free speech!

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