Release "Unaired OG pilot" of Game of Thrones as a Blu-Ray extra in Season 7 (or 8)

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Game of Thrones pilot episode is called "Winter is Coming" which is arguably the best pilot episode of any TV show ever. But that wasn't always the case, "Winter is Coming" was a result of a reshoot, as the original pilot episode was said to be "mediocre".

David and Dan talked about the unaired pilot so much in the commentary track of "Winter is Coming" that it's almost uncanny that we can't see it. So my request is if that unaired original pilot episode is still sitting somewhere intact, then it should be a part of Season 7 Blu-Ray release.

Here is a link to Wikia page with every (available) detail of that episode: Pilot episode

Here is a link to a Quora question with almost 16k views: Quora

Here is a link to an article tht points out some fats about the episode:

In my honest opinion, every ASOIF and Game of Thrones fan would love to see the unaired pilot.