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Get Bill Maher off of HBO - it's more than the N-word

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UPDATE: This is much simpler than we're making it. Read more here on why.

Last night Bill Maher casually dropped the N-word. And it's time for him to go.

We have allowed Bill Maher to make sexist, islamaphobic and "borderline" racist comments before. And we often wind up debating things like political correctness while feeding his massive ego. This is no longer about political correctness and a clear line has been crossed. HBO and Time Warner have to be good corporate citizens and get him off the air.

Do not forget that this angry, crotchety entitled man is ALWAYS punching down.

When he, while conversing with a fellow white man and elected official, apropos of nothing at all, refers to himself as a "House Nigger" and then chuckles, I think we can agree that the buck has to stop here. In this racially tense, deeply divided, powder keg moment in America, the last thing we need is young people of color hearing a supposed ally casually using the word Nigger and normalizing its use for all white people on a massive media platform.

Maher's usage was neither funny, nor was it informative or conversation was simply inflammatory and indicative of what Bill Mahler truly is: a culture troll craving conversation. So let's give HBO the conversation that Bill so desperately craves. You know, the one where either Bill gets cancelled or our HBO and cable subscriptions do.

See for yourself and then support and share this petition. Tweet it to Casey Bloys, head of HBO programming. Post it on Facebook. Email your entire softball team. This guy has got to go.




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