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Bring Sandor 'The Hound' Clegane back to Game of Thrones

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Dear HBO,

This Petition was created for HBO, David, Dan, the writers and hopefully even George R.R. Martin himself to convey how much we, as the fans, are invested in the fate of Sandor Clegane; better known by some as 'The Hound'.

The fate of this character has been left up for debate in both the book series (A Song of Ice and Fire) as well as the television show (Game of Thrones), although many fans strongly believe that he still lives. As the fans, we believe that it would be an incredibly interesting story arc if he were to make a return.

You see, at first glance Sandor Clegane is perhaps viewed as a villain but in truth he is a complex character that is neither hero nor villain but what many fans view as a 'reluctant antihero' of sorts. Allow me to give an example of what I mean by this:

Sandor is a killer. He is also a heavy drinker with a foul mouth who hates the world...and himself. As a child, Sandor Clegane presumably admired Knights, much like other boys. One day he was playing with a toy Knight that belonged to his brother Gregor Clegane. Gregor saw this and without hesitating he grabbed young Sandor and shoved his face into burning coals, resulting in Sandor's horrid scars. The story is widely known among the readers and viewers of the show, but what some don't see is that his emotional scars are much worse. People viewed him as a monster and so that's what he acted like; to most.

He's shown his more human side to the Stark girls (Sansa and Arya) and played key roles in both of their development, even coming to care about both of them in his own way. Sandor offered to take Sansa away from King's Landing before he left and attempted to explain to her the harsh truths of the world; some deduced that he cared about Sansa in more ways than one. It is his interactions with her that first begin to draw in many of the fans. Sandor also grew to care about and serve as a protective figure and mentor to Arya Stark during their travels together.

The last we saw of him was an enormous cliffhanger with Arya Stark walking away from him. It was never confirmed whether he lived or died. Even in the books this is left up for debate due to the Elder Brother's carefully chosen words to Brienne. It's believed by many that 'The Hound' may be gone, but Sandor Clegane still lives, this is especially popular among book fans due to the fact of the Elder Brother stated that he himself died before starting his second chance at life. Some believe this is one of many, many hints that are left by the talented person who created the character.

Here we have a character that still has a story to be told; a story that could and would captivate the audience. A large amount of the fans found themselves forming an attachment to the character that is Sandor Clegane, and Rory McCann's fantastic portrayal of him elicited a variety of emotions and responses from the fans: Frustration, Pity, Laughter - all things that left us wanting more. An example of this is that in the past, Sandor drew so much attention from one scene involving chicken that KFC presented a special Game of Thrones commercial starring Sandor. It was also mentioned on at least one late night show. A quote of his concerning King Joffrey also became widely popular.

We've yet to see where George R.R. Martin intends to go with the books, as well as the show where Sandor is concerned, but as the fans we would enjoy seeing more of this character. It would be a wonderful turn to see Sandor return after so much time has passed. This is something that many fans of this extremely large fandom believe.

While we understand that with so many characters, it can at times be difficult to fit another storyline in, we feel that the return of Sandor would be favorable to not only the story, but to the already impressive ratings and popularity as well.

Thank you very much to all who took the time to read and consider this.

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