Dear HBO: Give Kit Harington The Sword.

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"How do you pick up the threads of an old life? How do you go on, when in your heart you begin to understand... there is no going back?"--Frodo Baggins, J.R.R. TOLKIEN, RETURN OF THE KING 

Kit Harington is going through a rough time.

The role that he played for the better part of a decade, the job that defined his youth, is done. The show has ended. The boy became the man.

But the man didn't just remind us-- he re-defined the meaning of the word 'integrity'. Harington reached into the depths of his soul to bring the humility of Jon Snow to life. Humanity owes him a debt. 

So the least we can do is give him his sword. 

At the show's wrap, some the actors were able to take a souvenir. All Kit wanted was the sword his character, Jon Snow wielded. A show prop. 

HBO refused to give it to him

It's true that he could go buy one from a company called Valyrian Steel. Or the fans could buy one and send it to his agent to convey. And maybe HBO wants to monetize it with a LOTR-style tour, or an auction. And sure, that would make money. 

But it's not about something you can buy. 

Maybe this is something only you can understand if you've been a fencer, or a writer, but a sword symbolizes honor, integrity, depth. The entire show AND the books have people owning, losing, and receiving blades. It's faith. It's trust. Those things MEANT something to Kit. And that's why the sword means something to him. 

Kit might need some time to find himself and figure out his place in the world. That's okay, and we should give him that space and respect his privacy.

But the people with the power to convey Longclaw should help Kit by gifting it to him as he moves forward. He earned it over and again. It's the least that can be done to thank him for internalizing a character, and monetizing him for HBO, to their considerable profit and at the expense of his health.

TL/DR: Kit Harington deserves the sword. Please give it to him.

Edit: Misspelled our hero's surname.