Ask HBO to commit not to use live elephants in their shows such as Westworld

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In a recent episode of hit HBO series Westworld used live elephants despite using CGI for other animals. Since all elephants go through suffering and abuse to be trained to be used in entertainment this means HBO has paid “Have Trunk Will Travel”, known animal abusers.

HBO have released an official statement that says the elephants were not abused on set but this is not good enough. They are paying for the elephants to be used and keeping the demand up, likely to lead the company to breed/ capture and abuse more elephants.

These techniques are proven to be used by Have Trunk Will Travel:

Have Trunk Will Travel owners and trainers using stun guns and beating animals with bull hooks
Have Trunk Will Travel boss Kari Johnson viciously striking an elephant
A baby elephant being hit over the head and dragged by the trunk
Elephants chained by the legs barely able to take one step back and forward (the elephants were being chained from 6.30pm to 6.30am, 12 hours a day)

Here is the video

Elephants are intelligent, beautiful and compassionate creatures who love their families and mourn their dead. They want to live out normal, natural lives, not be beaten and forced to train for tricks.

For a TV series like Westworld about a species starting to form its own thoughts, make its own choices and rebel against abuse it’s particularly galling to see abused animals who are also thinking and feeling creatures.

Help ask HBO to commit never to use live elephants again in their shows.