JUSTICE FOR PATCHES! Don't let this animal cruelty felon finish his WILDLIFE degree!!!

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On September 11, 2015, 22 year old Buddy Rayvon Leger III--a Fish and Wildlife Management Technology student at Haywood Community College in Clyde, NC--was arrested and charged with felonious cruelty to animals. He viciously maimed a domestic cat with a bow and arrow. Why? Allegedly, Leger left his windows rolled down and the cat sprayed in his truck; for this, he decided, the neighbor's pet had to die. Patches didn't die right away, though. Buddy used a field tip arrow, which are notorious for being slow and ineffective at killing small game. The injured feline managed to crawl through an open window whereupon returning from a funeral, the owners found their beloved pet agonizing on the bed. The cat had to be taken to a vet where he was effectively euthanized. Buddy Rayvon Leger III was charged with felonious animal cruelty and let go with a slap on the wrist. His family promptly put up the $5000 bond and he was allowed to resume classes immediately for his WILDLIFE degree. His presence in the program has not only caused a great rift among his peers; he is a disgrace to Haywood's renowned Natural Resources program. The issue has been brought to the school's administration to no avail. "It didn't happen ON campus; plus, there are other felons who attend the school, too...", they argued (likely, those folks didn't torture innocent pets). The fact that Haywood Community College is doing nothing about this is a major reflection on the school and its values, as well as an utter embarrassment to those who take their education seriously. If this event occurred while representing a professional program at a 4-year university, Leger would have no doubt been booted from the program--whether it occurred on campus or not. Buddy Rayvon Leger III is a cruel sociopath who should NEVER be allowed to pursue a profession in an animal-related field, let alone receive his Fish & Wildlife Management Technology degree from Haywood Community College. Let's make sure he is held accountable, for Patches' sake and all other innocent animals. Buddy Rayvon Leger III should NEVER receive a Fish & Wildlife Management degree of any kind!!!

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