To Keep the Hays High Mascot of the Indian

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The Indian of Hays High has been the mascot of Hays High for many years. The mascot is trying to be removed permanently because it “displays racism,” even though it’s just a mascot of a school. There is no display of racism as we are not judging or causing distress against the Native Indian People’s of America’s. This has been our symbol for too long, and we shall not let them take it away. 

This has been a statue of our Hays High Spirit, and they will not take that away from us. It shows no racial issues or any other type of discrimination. This is our school and the school that thousands have graduated from. It’s the school that we as a whole, have endured so many triumphs and victories. We can not lose this significant feature and mascot of our school. 

There is no racism shown. It’s just a symbol of a race, but not a symbol of racism. You can not stop racism by destroying everything that looks it in the eye. But to destroy everything that looks down to it. Thank you for reading. This is an important issue, and I want to confront it heads on.