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Neither Man nor his Best Friend is safe with Officer Scott Swain still on duty in the streets. Help bring some kind of justice for Leon Rosby and his wonderful Rottweiler 'Max' who only tried to protect his owner.

--Witnessing a large police presence on a public street, a man parked his car and took some pictures -- as any responsible citizen should. Keeping the police accountable is essential, and documenting their actions is a public necessity.

As he walked around with his cell-phone camera, his leashed dog barked a few times, drawing the attention of some enforcers down the street. They saw his camera and began marching towards him.

As the agents approached, he opened his car door and put his dog in the back seat. He then met the officers on the sidewalk where they immediately put him in handcuffs. Already his rights were being violated for the mere act of taking pictures on a public street.

His dog witnessed its owner being accosted and managed to jump through the back window of his car. The dog approached the officers, where one enforcer quickly shot it. The innocent, handcuffed man was forced to watch.

Another witness caught the encounter on video. It graphically shows the dog being shot and squirming around before its death.

The man who was arrested, Leon Rosby, was charged with obstructing officers.

Here is the gruesome action caught on video.
*This video contains scenes that some
viewers may find disturbing.
Viewer discretion advised*

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Please Take officer Scott Swain off the streets. He shot and killed an innocent mans dog(best friend) for trying to protect with when being falsely arrested. This kind of treatment for dogs can't keep going on. They're our children. We love them. Please help bring some kind of justice for the wonderful, honest, loving Rottweiler "Max" may he rest in doggy heaven.