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Hawthorne Police Department: Arrest Officer Salmon who shot the dog, teach officers how to handle dogs

Officers are meant to keep peace and protect their citizens, not strike fear or kill for whatever reason. There are PLENTY ways to calm a dog down that is getting defensive over his owner such as a taser; shooting the dog is completely unnecessary and is MURDER. They had no right, it was a public displace of displaced authority.

The officers arresting the man clearly KNEW he had a dog there. He put the dog in his car and the windows were rolled down; the dog got out because he saw something happening to his owner. That is what dogs do they protect their care-taker. It seemed as if the police were trying to trigger the dog, they rather have shot him than calm down for a moment. Apprahend the dog calmly and go about their business. They used force instead to demonstrate their destructive ways to their citizens by shooting an animal in front of his owner! That is torcher and is completely un-just and un-called for.


We demand justice and that this officers badge be taken away; punishment of murder! Teach in your academy's how to better attain dogs who are riled up, teach peace within your "authority", because without that peace there will not be peace of mind nor understanding. Only boiling hate.

Take responsibility for your actions.

Letter to
SPCA Lawrence F. Robb
This was a clear act of animal abuse/violence. The dog did not deserve to die there are other methods and ways of getting a dog to calm down, and all of this force and death was completely unnecessary! We need the authority of the SPCA to intervene with the cause! The police department will write off any reason as to why this is okay, but it is not! Please listen to our case regarding this sad incident, and do something to help make sure that the accuser gets rightfully put in his place as well as the enforcement issuing programs on how to handle dogs with proper disciplinary action when these are not followed.

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