Allow proper burial for few remains of murder victim, Charli Scott. It's been six years-

Allow proper burial for few remains of murder victim, Charli Scott. It's been six years-

February 5, 2020
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Started by Kimberlyn Scott

Our daughter, Charli Scott, a much loved member of her Maui Community, was murdered six years ago. She was dismembered, and few pieces of her were found. 

Three years ago a murder trial and conviction took place. Charli's jawbone was entered into evidence. The use of actual human remains in a courtroom is rare due to advances in DNA and technology- high definition, high resolution, magnified, giant screen tv's have become the norm because they are the best way to show/display evidence to a jury. To demonstrate size, a 3-D rendition of her jawbone would have sufficed. 

The decision to enter any or all of the few remains of Charli found resulted in Charli's remains being defined by law as "bio forensic evidence" thus robbing her of her right to immediate burial as a Human Being. Victims of homicide are released for proper burial to family in Hawaii within 2 weeks in most cases. It has been six years since Charli was murdered. We, her family, have been denied our right and responsibility as next of kin to Charli, to give her a proper burial. 

We, Charli's family were told by the Deputy Prosecutor that we would be allowed to take Charli's remains for burial as soon as the trial was over. This was untrue. We were later informed that we could have Charli only AFTER her murderer had finished his appeals, if he lost. A 3-5 year wait. Three more years have been added to this possible "wait" due to issues with the attorney's for the defendant. 

Charli's remains, some or all, were left outside of proper storage for over a year as well. This raised questions that have gone unanswered to date by responsible parties- it has been a cause of great concern and stress to the family. We feel our family deserves to know what is happening with Charli's remains. But we were told by a Captain of MPD that we cannot ask questions about Charli's remains, "not now, not ever". This has been the attitude for the last three years.  

Burial is an historically accepted means of showing respect for the dead. Human burial is used to mark the moment in history we became HUMAN. In Hawaii especially, the Iwi of our relatives are considered precious, sacred. Officers of the Law are given honorable funerals as well. And yet, Charli is being treated like an object instead of a Human Being with rights. 

For all the above reasons and for the simple reason finally, that we Love Charli and wish to see her accorded the same dignity of a decent burial as anyone else we ask the public to sign our petition to the state of Hawaii and all members of appropriate administration to speak with us, Charli's family, and help us come to a reasonable resolution regarding Charli's remains because what is being done right now to her is Not Pono. Help us find a way to bring Charli home for burial. Do not make her wait years for a Right she deserves and is owed. 

Please remember that other laws have existed that had to be changed because they were not Right. Interracial marriage was against the law. Women could not vote. Slavery was legal. The American legal system was invented to adapt to changes such as technology.

It is time for the laws of Hawaii to catch up to the times. 

And we should Never Forget- "Ola Na Iwi"-The Bones Live. 

A Blessing in the Hawaiian manner will be performed on the six year memorial of Charli going missing, February 9th, 2020. We are extremely grateful for this opportunity, but this Memorial will not replace a proper burial. We will continue to fight for Charli to be released to us, so we ask your support by adding your name to our petition which will be sent to every Senator and Representative of the State of Hawaii

Please sign and share. Help us present a united request for what is Pono.



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Signatures: 7,449Next Goal: 7,500
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