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Don't Let GMO Corporations Poison Paradise – Regulate Biotech & Pesticide Experimentation in Hawaii

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Many people imagine Hawaii as an idyllic tropical paradise with pristine beaches, stunning landscapes, and perfect waves.  But underneath it all, there’s a battle going on. 

Hawaii is ground zero for new GMO and pesticide testing. The largest biotech agri-chemical corporations in the world (including Syngenta, Monsanto, Pioneer, Dow Chemical, and BASF) are spraying toxic pesticides on GMO testing fields near schools, hospitals, and residential neighborhoods.  They do this while refusing to disclose to communities the details of what they are spraying, when and where. 

People on the Hawaiian Islands are getting sick adjacent to high concentration GMO fields and there are many unanswered questions about the links between chemical runoff, environmental impacts and collapsing marine environments. 

It’s time for Hawaii’s state politicians to stand up for the people and the land. Given that it’s an election year in Hawaii, and the GMO issue is a hot topic with national news attention, now is the time to put the pressure on!

Tell Hawaii state legislators to vote in the interest of the people – not the GMO agri-chemical corporations – and support more state and county initiatives to regulate, restrict and ban biotech and pesticide experimentation in Hawaii. Let them know we’ll be watching them, and will vote them out of office if they continue to disregard the people’s demands!

Hawaii is ready to move toward a sustainable agricultural future and you can help make it happen by signing this petition.

Thank you for your support!

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