Insist vacant hotel rooms are made available for Hawai'i's lava flow evacuees

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Vacation rentals like Airbnb in Hawai'i have voluntarily opened their homes to evacuees of the volcanic disaster in Puna, Big Island, Hawai'i after being temporarily restricted from renting to visitors by the County of Hawai'i Civil Defense.  Hotels which have lobbied to shut down "mom and pop" vacation rentals should be similarly welcoming and open their doors (and hearts) to those who are currently living in the unsafe, unhealthy, and often very wet & muddy conditions of evacuation shelters with limited resources.  In addition to the tragedy of losing one's home, now homeless evacuees have not received adequate relief from county, state and federal agencies.  It is now time for the big hotels on the Big Island and the Hawai'i Lodging and Tourism Association to show their aloha to the people of Hawai'i, our friends, neighbors and extended Ohana.  We are in this together, right?  Puna strong!  (Apologies to the owner of the home above and photographer for publishing without permission - please notify if this offends in any way, it is not intentional.)