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Stop Spraying Toxic Pesticides in and Around Schools.

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Pesticides used in or around schools can expose children to harmful chemicals that can have severe effects on there developing brains and bodies. Roundup, which is most commonly used around schools or in urban areas to get rid of weeds, contains a chemical called glyphosate.

Recent studies have shown that glyphosate plays a key factor in the development of diseases such as cancer, allergies, depression, and infertility. Once these chemicals are sprayed they can stick to surfaces like desks, books, and counters. Teachers and students unknowingly breathe in contaminated air and touch surfaces with chemical residues. These chemicals can stay airborne or on surfaces for days after the initial spraying occurs, continuing to effect people.

I have seen Roundup being sprayed at my sisters elementary school and knowing the harmful effects that it can have on children my parents and I were enraged. My dad now weed whacks the school on weekends so they do not spray it on the campus anymore.

I urge people to sign this petition to keep pesticides out of schools and areas around them for the safety of our family and children. There needs to be a ban on the use of them within a certain vicinity of a school zone, much like the speed limits they have around schools. The only way to stop it is to bring attention to it and hopefully have the Hawaii Board Of Education do something about it. Stand up for your children, family, and friends. Keep the pesticides out of schools.

(Photo from Moms Advocating Sustainability)

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