Have the Koala declared an endangered species!

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Koalas are in danger, and the Australian Government must act.

I couldn’t look away from the horrific images of burnt and dying koalas coming out of the bushfires in Australia. Please join me and help save the Koala.

Experts say that 1 billion animals have been killed in the bushfires this season. One in every 3 koalas have died in Australia’s NSW region. And we won’t know the final toll for months to come, as fires continue to rage.

Deforestation has meant that the koalas were already under threat before the bushfires. Koalas only live in Australia, and rely on eucalyptus trees to survive. But eucalyptus trees – the koalas’ only food source – are being destroyed at an alarming rate. Wildlife experts warn that koalas may be extinct in eastern Australia by 2050!

Koalas are in peril but are yet to be listed as an endangered species. If Australia declares the koala an endangered species, then we can get more protection for the koalas and their natural habitats that are home to so many animals.

We urge the Australian Government to declare the Koala an endangered species immediately.