Have a go for the "Bro" - for David Attenborough, we say NO!

Have a go for the "Bro" - for David Attenborough, we say NO!

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Please sign your name to this pledge - I'm saying NO to drilling in the Great Australian Bight and YES to protecting the Leafy Seadragon's home.

Sir David Attenborough (or the "Bro" as he's affectionately known) has given us all so much - he's brought the incredible and unique animals of the world to our lounge rooms and classrooms. It has been said by the great man, who has spent decades searching for and delivering the truth about our natural world, "without our oceans, we have no planet".

This year, the "Bro" highlighted that his favourite animal in the world is the Leafy Seadragon, which is a State and Federally listed threatened species and only found in the waters off southern Australia - in the Great Australian Bight.

As you may have heard, the Great Australian Bight - the huge pristine body of water off the coast of the bottom of Australia, is at risk of being turned into an oil field, with deep-sea drilling risking the habitat of the the Leafy Seadragon.

We're asking people to pledge their support and to let Sir David know that we've got his back - we'll do everything in our power to protect his favourite animal and it's habitat of the Great Australian Bight.

For more information about the campaign to protect the Great Australian Bight, please check out fightforthebight.org.au

Thanks for showing your support for ours and the Leafy Seadragon's home.

For the Bight,

Concerned Residents of the Far West Coast of South Australia, SAD SOB Seagull,
and the Great Australian Bight Alliance