Have Jose Julians situation be addressed properly

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TW // child predator 
here is a link explaining everything he’s done 


Actor Jose Julian from The Society is a child predator sending explicit photos to minors while degrading them. He casually flirted with them multiple times and asked for their private instagrams. The victims are being unheard their bravery for speaking out is being unnoticed and that is not okay. He knew who he was speaking to and their ages. He would also flirt with extras of the tv show he’s on.




Additionally, under the Instagram post which holds strong evidence on his misdemeanor, Jose has tried to apologize but further ended up digging his own grave. His claims include that the reason why he asked for these people's real accounts was that fan accounts apparently hide identities. However, the fact that he decided to go the extra mile to ask for their personal accounts is highly disturbing. Given that a grown man like him can express his gratitude without requesting for personal information, there is no need for him to do so. Concerning, is it?


Moreover, his said "apology" is not dignified enough to be called one. Instead of directly addressing the issue, he has chosen to justify unjustifiable behavior. Provided that most, if not all, of the people behind the accounts he has been interacting with are minors, explicitly talking about sex and sending them a topless image (of which he claims to show off his new "hair cut") are just some of the numerous malpractices he has been doing for the past year. Is this really the kind of actor that should star on such a reputable show?