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Hatred without a cause!

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Rob Booth is either a nasty man or a very uncaring man.

His business ‘All Flags’ in Nepean Hwy, Carrum (Part of my city of Melbourne, Victoria) will periodically fly NAZI flags including the Swastika and the SS in full public view, these flags represent racial hatred and intolerance towards Multiculturalism and Freedom.

They specifically target Jews, Blacks, Gays, Handicapped, Gypsies, Elderly, and Unionists and also targeted any other minority, political or religious group that does not hold to the views and Ideology expressed by Dictators and Fascists e.g. Adolf Hitler and his historical associates.

Raising flags of this nature express historically the loyalty, admiration, allegiance and support for the views and beliefs that unite the supporters both individually and corporately in their quest.

My friend (Evan) Chaiyim Ben Ariel and I (Bill) William Lindsay Koukmenides are deeply offended by their display. If you are wondering about Evan’s T-shirt it is read right to left and says:
‘Alef Lamed Daled’:
Alef the first letter of the Hebrew alphabet meaning strength.
Lamed is the shepherd’s staff and his heart.
Daled is the door. 
So it is the good shepherd at the gate.

We ask that if you agree, please sign the petition to request the following:

We request the Australian Prime Minister Julia Gillard and the Leader of the Opposition Tony Abbot read out in parliament statements condemning the Raising of Flags that promote Hatred, Genocide, Terrorism or any other discriminatory practice or belief and call on all people to condemn such flags.

We request each Australian State and Territory Parliament does the same.

We also ask that you not buy any product or deal with any business that openly displays such flags. As we (Evan and Bill) have undertaken not to deal with any such business.

History can never change the meaning of what the symbols on these flags represent because of the pain, suffering and death of so many millions!



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