Tell Congress you support making lynching a federal hate crime

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From 1882 to 1986, Congress has tried to pass anti-lynching laws 200 times. They failed every time.

During the Civil War and Reconstruction and up to the Civil Rights era, 4,745 lynchings took place across America from 1882 to 1968. Almost all lynchings have been racially driven, targeting and terrorizing African Americans and other minorities. Ninety-nine percent of lynch mob perpetrators have escaped any punishment at a state or local level. With no laws on the books that would make lynching a federally punishable offense, lynching victims and their families are left with no justice.

Right now, a bipartisan anti-lynching bill could have a fighting chance at passing. It’s sponsored by Senators Kamala Harris (CA-D), Cory Booker (NJ-D), and Tim Scott (SC-R). There’s a small window to tell your Senators and Representatives that you support ending over a century of racial hate crimes: criminalize lynching in America.

White supremacy terrorism and lynching is still a deadly threat to minorities in 2018. Over the last two years, the number of new Neo-Nazis groups have increased nationwide by 22%. Just last year, there was a 17% increase in overall racially driven hate crimes in America. Of all extremist group-led murders in the U.S., 53% were committed by white supremacist groups in 2017. White supremacy violence is on the rise. Tell Congress to protect Americans: white supremacy violence cannot go unchecked. Make lynching a federal crime.

With white supremacist hate crimes and groups increasing, it’s vital that the Justice for Victims of Lynching Act passes both the House and Senate. It’s 2018, tell Senators and Representatives to make lynching a federal crime.