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Sadly this story of dogs destroying sheep is been very popular in Hawkes Bay ,over the last 2 months. Also all around New Zealand for years but one seems to care. The total of destroyed sheep ,are in the hundreds(200+). Out of control you can say for Hawkes Bay. As for representation of New Zealand to overseas tourist our farming laws disgraceful, degrading, powerless, stressful beyond boundaries of humanity. The revenue loss to all farmers, reaching the highest profile farmers( Colin, Denise Davies 122 sheep lost to dogs) to the youngest. But in my daughter Awatea Moeke case. The grass roots of farming, our children. The story begins with information gathered by HDC.(Hastings District Council) How its directed to the dog controllers. How the rules they follow are badly implemented. On the 14th May, 1 white pitbull terrior cross dog witness by school worker on our property (but turns out there were 2) next to school. Dog making growling sounds as school worker walks through my property to her work or to investagate . As on statement given to HDC. Also from school workers told me of details she had seen only 1 dog but recently recall of 2 dogs roaming weeks before. Later that afternoon, We both drove on my vehicle to inspect dogs around village. Nothing, however later that evening when my daughter arrived back from town. She told me she seen 2 dogs, and who they belong too a few days before our "horiffic incident" . I straight away from both there discription they gave, realised I know these dogs. Statement was not collected as we were not visited by HDC. I investigated further, to find 2 dogs freshly washed at Residence of the dogs on waitangi Road waimarama . Who I am not sure if I can name because its still going through court now, and it's the 28th of September today as I refreshed  this page. Still on the 14 th day of May. This is the first sight of dogs and my daughters pet ram destroyed, with 3 other sheep found dead in stream. Dogs had pushed them into stream to make it easier to destroy. Buster my daughter's ram was on the bank he had put up a hell of a battle in which he lost eventually. You could tell by so many scars on feet  and back. 15th May I also find one other sheep destroyed down stream . Try to find dogs unsuccessful but this could have been from day before as I get home around 3pm each day. The horrific scene still there which I left to lay for 3 days. The16th of may they kill neighbours 2 sheep(Mr Smith) and 1 of another farmer(Mr Stuart). Witnesses is school worker again and previous shop owner (Mr Cross) which his statement was not collected. Lucky school worker takes her car to work, she does her normal stops. she then goes for ride to our beautiful beach.To witness second attack with 2 dogs, one of which on her statement says that 1 of those dogs was the one that destroyed (Mr Moeke) my daughter's pets. Complaint made 16th may by myself at 3pm, HDC confirms its to late to come out. Arrived after lunch the following day. Got 1 dog the other 1 runs under house. They then came back next day to get the other. Total of 3 days to get dogs. Owners had to Registered them. 3 to 4 days dogs pounded before HDC  gave back to owners with $200 fine,that goes to HDC or some where. Told I have to go to small claims court. John Payne (HDC solution manager) said in my daughter interview we check how the victims are and impact on the victum .  We waited for your visit as the dog control gathered information from school worker at school. 100 meters from my place and brutal scene of sheep. No question was asked  how are we. How can we help you. They failed to comply to investigate my sheep still laying there. John Payne your rules were not followed or implemented. But even a phone call to me instead of me phoning HDC, would have been nice but there was no question about how this has effected our family. Also he said we check Elevating factors. This must be the 4 destroyed sheep 100 meters from school. They did not even come to inspect incident location. Only Mr Smith property, not sure of Mr Stuart property they may have ignored as well. Cooperation of the owners he says. They were horrible to one of the  dog pound workers and HMS security definitely.  HMS commented were he said they had washed 1 of the dogs . That sounds familiar  HMS statements has been given on this. The 8th of September dogs kill multiple times on 2 farms. 3 months my daughter worried about the dogs killing the rest of her pets. No parents would like to go through. On second offence HDC received call from me.First call made around 9.15am for 2 minutes. Asking if I could do complaint for brother in law while he travels to incident. They approve concent that I could. So I hang up ring (Mr Mako) I tell him, I can action incident with his concent. He said yes. So I rang HDC 9.30am Gave 3 farmers numbers we all waited. Also gave my name with recent case. No one called us, they got numbers wrong. Really our information was lost. Took over 24 hours to get dogs for the second offence as they send HMS security (1person) which they state found owners aggressive and had washed 1 of their pets of all the blood and refused to hand over dog. They would use physical force if HMS security was to try take it. So left dogs behind to retrieve the next day by dog control(Mr Manu) to collect. Daughter interviewed and on Hawkes Bay stuff aired 17th September. Start gathering support for petition as stated in interview. We need the law changed like as a result of a car accident. If you in the wrong penilties and fines. There is a serverity scale which is used at the moment. Dogs killing my daughter sheep not servere enough. Please help my daughter change the laws us adults implemented. This petition is to make improvements. 


Change legislation for Dog control act 1996 of introducing or adding to new legislation act that includes the following, 

Complete structure change to HDC ( Hastings District Council) communication system and methods . Introducing professional trained staff who only deal with animal control cases.  Improving processes of data entry, times, day, when, where, who involved , how they found the hazard .Phone number called in entry and time. Witnesses ,and name of person calling. Passing information on. The whole process of gathering the information and documentation. 

Breed discription, colour, understanding complying and implementing the the correct action of safety .

By complying to a new serverity system. This information is going changed maximum high risk serverity scale result from a  death of a animal, may lead (  decided by a panel/board to save if only 1 animals results in death) to harsh penalties and fines , strickly complying to animal or animals being destroyed. Information to be passed on to complainent of Section 57 in dog control act 1996 That if a wettiness sees an animal destroying can, if have a fire arms licence destroy it on there own property. 

Location is a key if call out is by school, playground,  public park. This is High risk .

Penalty for all high risk cases is $3000, to be raised to $20,000 for the loss of property for sheep. 

To inforced imprisonment for the high risk serverity scale in reoffending cases. As they do for destruction of wildlife such as the kiwi. 

Home base ( Administration professionaly trained) only for animal  inquiries , the gathering of data, information with Improvements of facts and statements. To be displayed on internet for the complainient to access to ensure facts are true, able to help with yours and only your case. To see statements in favour of you but not against. This computer system first of its kind only in Hawkes Bay District. As cost a huge for National.

Medium risk severity scale results from vet surgery, offending a number of times. Menace to society results in Fines/ penilties such as community service. Maximum fine $3000

Low severity results from noise control. Damage to property, low scale activities. Maximum fine $500

Letter of compliance showing each step that will be taken,understood, enforced and implemented to all high, medium and low serverity scale. 

To see if under the privacy act you are allowed to improve and provide and implement a service. Where camera's can be used. So cameras can be fixed to front and behind of vehicle. On worker also. They play a great part of confirmation of cases. It's severity passed on to Home base. Receptionist. Computer information, cameras to improve sighting and Conviction. 


Commnication introducing codes. Understanding of different types of codes for  safety issues. Examples are "Quickly leaving vehicles" say *Alpha tango*. "Entering out of radio range or radio frequency" to go to phone status say *Alpha Foxtrot*. "In Trouble of highest life threating case" need help and assistance  *Alpha Crisis*etc . 

Dog controls need to upgrade in defence. Trained to understanding tazer and dart guns and rifles. Training to understanding, complying, and implementing safe practices and confident of handling . To comply with the requirements of fire arms and safety legislation code. compliance , understanding, implementation of handling of firearms.  Setting licensing under the act of safety firearms code. Reviewed once a year.

Each case what's going to be implemented and how the out come of the process is when discision is made.

The severity scale. Email and letter sent of comfirnation of process and how its was processed and decided to both the complainent and offender. 

All information passed on by complaintnent to complaints office(Home base) to be given to dog control.  This to be monitored (time management program ) of time frames for information on how long cases are. From called in, to time  gathered and passed onto dog control . Time received by dog control, to when it's actioned and completed. 

A computer system in vehicles of dog control to access on the spot hazards of areas and known dogs, all animal cases, and owners. This links to (Home base). Access to all information provided by complainent on the spot as it's submitted. 


To inforce penilties, fines, recoverment of loss of property. For this to be done by the Crown, courts, police. This to be actioned as instant fines if possible or necessary.

Adding to health and safety procedures. Recover information and providing reviewed safe acts in handling of animals and it caring for them in storage. To be viewed under section health and safety legislation code under dog control act 1996.

To inform dog control and farmers of its law and conditions. To prepose a better severity scale introducing area codes examples are attacks close to schools, public areas, towns,country. Single threat or more .

To improve awareness of danger of dogs while they are in the act of destroying animals.

To improve awareness of the dog control act 1996 legislation that 2 men to retrieve dogs in high severity cases also to be inforced by the police and our courts if necessary. 

Understanding, inforcing, inplementing the law of recovering of animals on private properties.