Lets Get The Parrots Out

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Sad and lonely large parrots in cold concrete cages, it's a no from us!

The Corella and remaining Cockatoo in The Cornwall Park Aviaries have no stimulation, no grass and very limited human contact. These guys are intelligent, they crave love and affection, game play, puzzles and more. We adopted Chucky from the park aviary where he lived for 20 years or so. He was abused by a bigger Cockatoo, harassed by people visiting the park and sprayed with paint. He was very aggressive, even tearing a large hole in a man’s ear. You should see him now, even the vet is amazed! The lady that works in the Aviaries does an amazing job caring for all the birds including the two large parrots. The cages are always clean, the birds get treats & as much time as she’s able, but her hands are tied. The Council say they are a good attraction for the park. They said they were going to upgrade the cages & get them friends. Times have changed, big parrots shouldn't be kept in cages for people’s entertainment. The public complained about Chucky, he was facing euthanasia but with the help of the aviary worker he found a good home. Please help get these guys out of those horrible cages & into good homes like the one Chucky has.