Petitioning Hastings Borough Council


Hastings Green Party ask Hastings Borough Council to provide services to recycle household food waste.

Hastings Greens call on our Council to provide regular food waste collection services for Hastings residents. This will save use of landfill, reduce the problems of bins attracting seagulls, reduce CO2, and encourage people to reduce their own food waste.

• Food waste:

  •  smells, attracts vermin and seagulls, and contributes to CO2 emissions in landfill sites. 
  •  could be turned into valuable compost.

• Hastings Old Town residents said in recent surveys that not knowing what to do with food waste was one of their main local concerns.

• Lewes District Council will save 4000 tonnes of CO2 over 5 years by recycling food waste. They will also produce soil conditioner from the waste that can be sold to bring money back into the community.

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