Please Hasbro, we want a Power Rangers (2017) sequel!

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Even though the movie wasn’t as successful as Saban was expecting it when it first came out, the film has gained a huge fandom that is willing to fight for a sequel. Power Rangers (2017) was fun, heartful and exciting, the cast was diverse and in their characters we got some great representation (both for the LGBT+ and the neurodivergent community).

This film also gave us the perfect origin story for the Power Rangers; it established their universe, the characters’ individual stories and their dynamic as a team. Instead of doing a reboot where they have to do that all over again, Hasbro should continue this storie and fix some of its issues. Add Tommy Oliver to the mix like it was teased on the mid credits scene, introduce Lord Zedd, give us more action, hell you can even redesign the zords and the suits to make them more “toy friendly”. Change anything you need to change, but KEEP THE CAST.

Dacre, Naomi, Becky, RJ and Ludi were the heart of Power Rangers (2017). Their chemistry was off the charts, they were all passionate about the project and at the moment they’re at the peak of their careers: Dacre was incredible on Stranger Things (Netflix’s most watched TV show); Naomi was brilliant as Princess Jasmine in Aladdin and she’s about to kill it as Elena in Charlie’s Angels; Becky G has a huge following in Latinamerica because of her music; Ludi is getting some pretty awesome roles for big companies like DC (Aquaman), Netflix (Black Mirror) and hopefully Marvel (Shang-Shi); and RJ has been doing the same thing on Scream’s reboot, Swamp Thing and Black Lightning (both for DC).

Don’t waste this awesome cast, they’re all super talented and they’re really popular right now, so I’m sure they’ll bring way more people to the movie theaters this time around.

If you agree with this please sign this petition and leave a comment below. Let’s show Hasbro #TogetherWeAreMore