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Return Derpy's scene in The Last Roundup to normal.

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'Derp' is not a slur against mentally disabled people. Derp is a word expressing messing something up, regardless of mental ability. There is absolutely nothing offensive about it, especially when Derpy was created by an error, or a 'derp.' Her character evolved entirely around that, making her a very ditzy pony, but NOT disabled.

I am not offended by Derpy, and believe the name absolutely must stay. The voice was great for her as well, and should also stay.

Now that The Last Roundup has returned to iTunes with Derpy's scene fully edited to remover her name, change her voice, and even straighten her eyes, we as a community feel as though our strongest connection to the creators of the show has been ripped apart. Derpy's editing was excessive, and portrays a very negative message of 'you have to be perfect or you're not allowed to be seen.'  A message, I might add, that feels completely against what the show normally teaches.

We want Derpy's scene to return to its original version. Please bring her back!

I also want to note that this petition is not an attack against you, Hasbro. The tone of this request is to be taken with the utmost respect. We're simply fans who feel like our connection to one of our favorite shows is in danger.

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