Keep having a YEARLY official convention for fans SOLELY dedicated to Transformers

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For over 30 years, TRANSFORMERS has been not only a brand for your company, but a phenomenon.  What started as just toys has greatly impacted people's lives all over the globe.  Yet beyond all the toys, tv shows, movies and video games, something even greater has developed and that is the passion the fans have for the brand.

For the last 22 years, we have had BotCon, a convention where hundreds and eventually thousands of people have met once a year to share their love for Transformers. With things such as the world's biggest Transformers dealer room, contests, panels and official product reveals been it has become a unique experience that has been the highlight of many people's years.

Bigger than all of that though has been the bond that has developed between convention attendees. Those of us have gone year after year are a very diverse group, people of all ages, races, and beliefs.  Some of us on the surface may have seemed very different on the surface but the brand has united us in amazing ways.  We have developed bonds of friendship so strong that many of us feel like family.  We come from all over the country, and in some cases all over the world just to share in this common love.  

From everything that we have heard, BotCon 2016 marked the last year under the current format and that is very unfortunate.  Rumors abound as to what may be coming next.  Some say we might be getting a blended convention combined with other Hasbro properties.  Others believe that a new Transformers convention will indeed arise, but perhaps more focused on kids and not the adult collector.  Many people have speculated that even if we get a convention similar to before, that it might only be held every few years. I speak for myself and those signing this petition when I say that NONE of these are what we want.

TRANSFORMERS FANS have spent BILLIONS of dollars on your brand over the years and we feel this entitles us to at least some voice in the direction of our favorite franchise.  We are asking you to continue a YEARLY, SOLELY DEDICATED TRANSFORMERS CONVENTION with a HASBRO PRESENCE and OFFICIAL PRODUCT REVEALS. We have been very loyal over the years and we need to see that loyalty continue to be rewarded.

Your devoted Transformers fandom