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Hasbro, Inc.: Please include more female characters into your Transformers properties.

The vast majority of the existing Transformers characters are male and there is a demand and need for more female characters by consumers of both genders. Hasbro is representing over 50% of consumers with less than 10% of their characters and this needs to be fixed.  The idea that Transformers are "little boys' toys" is an outdated and harmful notion.  More female representation in the Transformers properties is wanted and needed.

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We, the consumers and fans, are signing this petition to ask that Hasbro Inc., in regards to their Transformers properties, do the following:

1) Include an option for gender in their current Transformers Fan Built Bot Poll that can be found at:

It is unfair to not have this option included, as the vast majority of the existing Transformers characters are male, and there is a demand for more female characters by consumers of both genders. Hasbro is representing over 50% of consumers with less than 10% of their characters.

ETA: Success! I'm not sure if this petition influenced Hasbro or not, but the second round of polling includes a choice of gender! Thank you, Hasbro, for including that choice.

2) To add more regular and prominent female characters into the Transformers lines in order to even out the gender imbalance and to amend the current lack of recurring and new female characters.

For thirty years, the Transformers franchise has been a source of enjoyment to millions of fans the world over of many ages, ethnicities, nationalities, races, and genders--which means both boys and girls.

Hasbro's toy executives, however, don't seem to have realized the enormous untapped buying potential of their market, by insisting My Little Pony are "girl toys" and Transformers are "boy toys". Their attempts to stratify gender norms have resulted in a highly imbalanced representation between male and female characters in their Transformers properties and the outdated assumptions that little boys only want to buy male-gendered toys and little girls will be content buying only female-gendered toys.

These are completely untrue and harmful stereotypes to perpetuate.

To confirm the dismal lack of female character representation, we have counted the characters characters who have made appearances in the “Aligned Continuity” of the Transformers: Prime cartoon series, the War For Cybertron and the Fall of Cybertron video games, and the related comic books and toy lines, and we discovered that female-identified characters count for less than 3% of all Autobots, and approximately 7% of all Decepticons. With two known females, the recently-introduced Predacon faction has slightly better numbers, since around 15% of their known members are female-identified. While these numbers do not include characters from official prose fiction (a single female), members of “the Thirteen” original Transformers (again, a single female), or characters original to Takara’s fiction and toy releases (the only new females there being miniature “Arms Micron” Mini-con characters), the addition of female characters from the above media would not improve matters significantly: between the three prominent factions featured in the toy lines and visual media, a mere 6% of the roughly one hundred named characters are female.

Therefore, to conclude, we are requesting the addition of a gender choice option in the current “Transformers Fan Built Bot Poll”, and we are asking to see more female characters across all of Hasbro’s Transformers properties.

Thank you for your time.

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