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Petitioning Hasbro, Inc.

Allow the game Fighting is Magic to continue development by Mane 6

Mane 6 has worked hard on this game, putting a great deal of time and effort into making it a great game to be enjoyed by fans of the show as well as the fighting game community. Allowing continuation of development will raise awareness of the My Little Pony brand among those who are currently unaware or unaccepting of its current form, and does not compete against any existing Hasbro product, display Hasbro or its trademarks in a negative manner, make profit from Hasbro's intellectual properties, or inappropriately claim ownership of any such products.

I personally vow to not purchase a single Hasbro product until I find evidence that this petition or its message has been enacted, and hope that others signing this petition do as well although I do not intend signing as any declaration of such intent. I have purchased from Hasbro in the past, and until now had planned to do so in the future.

Letter to
Hasbro, Inc.
Concerning Copyright

In the situation of the
copyright infringement that has been recently upheld by Hasbro
against the Mane6 Development Team, our thoughts are as follows in
the following statements. The word, without a doubt, quickly reached
the fans and has been responded to with negative affects.

Before the reader of this
document puts this down, may they keep in mind the fan's views at
hand. Bronies, in general, are endearing to Habro and their creation
without a doubt. And understand that copyright is a serious matter
from a legal standpoint. But removing a game that has been in
development under Hasbro's knowledge is not understandable by fans or
a general viewpoint.

It is to the best of any
single fan's knowledge that Mane6 is using your product in an
original manner as such that will not have you lose your rights to
the product you supply. The only thing that the stated concern may
bring about is a branch that is not affiliated by Hasbro. A group of
such stature is not taking away anything such as audience or income
from the parent company, nor are they straying views of Hasbro away
from its original intent. This brings the point to the right to fair

It is stated within chapter 1 section
107 of Title 17 in the United States Code that the right to fair use
is an exception. In brief, the use for criticism, comment, news
reporting, teaching, scholarship, or research
are not an infringement towards the copyright in question.

Be it
as it may that it could easily be seen as a potential challenger, the
group itself is of no such intent. Being it that it is a nonprofit
project, it in no way goes against the right to fair use stated
previously. The developers of the game had stated they wish to make
this project for fun and have arranged a team to test how they might
go about this. And arranging a group and taking on a challenge might
seem to come across research, which in no way infringes the copyright
at hand.

Keeping the previously
stated points in mind; sections 106 through 122 of chapter one of
stated title are all kept in mind. These however truly only require
Hasbro's approval of such acts to be allowed by the violator at hand.

Swiftly deciding such
actions on Hasbro's part will bring out a negative turn from the fans
of Hasbro, and will resort to them losing more money than naught.
For it is quite clear that the main consumer is the easily
recognizable “Brony Fan-base”. And with the infringement being
viewed as a potential harm towards the income and property rights of
Hasbro, the result was for Mane6 to be shut down. This however will
show more harm than the former. A large portion of followers will be
easily swayed and will in turn, leave said fan-base. Thus, a greater
revenue loss than the tolerance of a side group forming a game
to support the parent company.

It is with great respect,
but great disapproval we present this manifesto to display the
thoughts of a recognizable group. With that being said, these
statements are expected to be taken seriously. All fans alike wish
to see this community thrive whether it be through Hasbro, or
original developers itself. That should be taken into account in
hopes that Hasbro wishes to supply the fans with affection and keep
not only the fans but themselves going.

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