Bring Dandy Lion (Trixie's Mom) To MLP: FIM And EG

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Dandy Lion (Trixie's Mom) Was Her Debut In MLP: FiM Comic #40.

NowShe Will Appear In The Show.

  • First, Trixie's Apology Show Was Ruined, When Her Mother Arrived To Feel Trixie Sad, Then She Tried To Make The Audience Cheer For Trixie.
  • Secondly, Twilight And Starlight Meets Trixie's Mom For As A Surprise Guest In Dinner.
  • Thirdly, Dandy Lion Told Twilight About Trixie's Failure, Goes To Pinkie Pie's Rock Farm, And A Magic Duel.
  • Fourthly, Twilight's Parents (Twilight Velvet And Night Light) To Meets Dandy Lion About Twilight And Trixie In A Magic Duel.
  • And Fifth And Final Princess Celestia And Princess Luna Heard And Trixie's Feelings, But Now, Twilight Will Be Trixie's Half Sister, And Becomes A Princess And The Element Of Pride.

Please, Bring Dandy Lion To Equestria Girls, And MLP: FiM Season 8 In 2018 On Discovery Family.

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