Hasbro and Jayson Thiessen: Bring back unicorn Twilight in MLP: FiM

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Please bring Twilight back as a unicorn and give up her princesshood in order to be able to fight more and more villains as the episodes and seasons go on.

One reason I don't like Alicorn Twilight is because 1. I was used to the old Twilight and I always thought she would remain that way, just like the rest of her friends. 2. I don't want a new intro to the show because the one from before was always good as it was.

I feel that it is unnecessary to give Twilight wings since she was only given them because of a Hasbro mandate. I also feel that Twilight shouldn't be a princess, but just herself as she always has been since the series first premiered. The change was too abrupt to me. I believe that Twilight being turned into an alicorn is quite hazardous to the show. The series will get a whole different intro and you should probably just wait until you do the series finale or whatever, whenever the series finale will be. Now I feel strange whenever I look at Twilight in older episodes. I am disappointed and is constantly reminded of her getting wings and is now an alicorn princess.

And I think I know how to put an end to the alicorn version of Twilight Sparkle: If you guys ever start a new episode at one point again in Season 4, maybe it can start off with Twilight fighting off villains in her princess form. But then suddenly, the scene quickly goes to the average unicorn Twilight waking up and realizing that her entire missions and adventures as an alicorn princess were really all dreams, including the one in "Magical Mystery Cure." Then afterwards, everything just starts out fresh again and back to normal the way it was before Twilight appeared to become an alicorn princess.

As long as she is in this state, I shall not call her Twilight Sparkle or Twilight anymore and instead will call her Alicorn Sparkle. She is #NotMyPrincess.

So just please, bring Twilight back as a unicorn, put everything back to normal as it was before, like in the previous seasons. Also because you really do not need wings to be a special unicorn, so I respectully ask the staff to change Twilight back into a unicorn and have everything else in the original plot go back to normal as it always was before "Magical Mystery Cure."

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