Patriot Act Should Discuss the 1984 Sikh Genocide

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The 1984 Genocide resulted in the death, torture, rape, murder of many Sikhs in Punjab. Although 2020 marks 36 years justice is yet to be served. Men and women were burned alive in the streets for everyone to see with tires around their necks, babies and newborns were shot and killed, many youngsters disappeared for speaking out. To this day mother’s and father's are waiting for their sons, wives awaiting the return of their husbands, children grew up orphaned or killed before realizing the terror they face. Houses of Sikhs were raided and the people silenced. Anyone who tried to speak up, ‘mysteriously disappeared’ Hasan Minhaj and his show the patriot act have immense reach and a powerful team which is able to fearlessly research and bring forward topics and bring awareness to them. This genocide needs to be talked about, awareness needs to spread and there is no better way than the show of the generation to cover it. It takes a minute for you to sign, it brings the deaths, the torn families of many forward to the eyes of the world. You can also post on platforms such as Twitter, Instagram and so on with the hashtag #hasancover1984. Many organizations have tried to bring this forward but they have been censored. The patriot act can change this. Sikh organization Sikh Press Association has reached out and offered its help to the show to bring a Sikh voice to help them understand and speak on the Genocide with perspective. Bringing hope to those who lost their lives to mass injustice.