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My name is Annabel and I'm eleven years old. I have started this petition with my mum because after years of being fur free Harvey Nichols luxury department shop has started selling real animal fur. I feel that Harvey Nichols should stop promoting cruelty to animals and stop selling fur. 

The fur industry is terrible. Animals are crammed into tiny cages row by row. The animals are tortured all their lives until they visit the slaughter house where their throats are slit and in some places the animals are trampled on and killed in the most 'convenient' way possible. Sometimes when fur is bought in China it can also come from cats and dogs. Why should we kill an animal for fashion? No reason at all! 

This is why I feel Harvey Nichols should stop selling fur and go with the less cruel option of faux fur which caused no animals to die. 

Recently Harvey Nichol's Fashion Director, Paula Reed, left her job after the bad press they received for selling real fur. But despite this they are still selling real fur. By speaking out now, we can make sure that Harvey Nichols reinstates its no-fur policy. There is no such thing as ethically sourced fur. Even on so-called "high-welfare" fur farms in countries such as Sweden and Norway animals are treated like fur machines, nothing more. Fur is cruel, full stop. 

Letter to
Harvey Nichols luxury department store Owner of Harvey Nichols
I was dismayed to learn that Harvey Nichols' management has made the inexplicable decision to renege on the store's near decade-long no-fur policy.

Killing animals in the name of vanity is unacceptable. The fur trim items that you have selected to be sold in Harvey Nichols stores are made from the skins of foxes, raccoons and rabbits and are the product of a barbaric and bloody industry.

Recent investigations into fur farms in so-called "high-welfare" countries such as Sweden, Norway, Denmark and Finland have all revealed animals driven insane by confinement to tiny, filthy wire cages. Animals who survive this living hell are either gassed or anally electrocuted. Yet these countries are part of the fur trade's misleadingly named "Origin Assured" scheme.

Ninety-five per cent of Britons say that they would never wear real fur, and given the abundance of designers using realistic faux-fur fabrics, there's no excuse for selling clothes made with real fur. Please reinstate Harvey Nichols' fur-free policy immediately. Until you do so, I won't be shopping in your stores and will ask my family and friends to do the same.