Help Us Save the Curious George Store!

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Help Us Save the Curious George Store!

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The Curious George Store started this petition to Harvard Square

Yes, it's true! The World's ONLY Curious George Store is located in the heart of historic Harvard Square!!! 

Why is our store in jeopardy?

In short, our building is being developed, and we'll need to move.
To afford a new expensive store build out, we'll need help from those who love Harvard Square. Please read any of the articles below for the full story:

Boston Globe article

Why is the World's Only Curious George Store in Harvard Square?

The store acts as a festive beacon to celebrate and commemorate the deep rooted connection between the creators of Curious George, Margret and H.A. Rey, and Harvard Square.

You see, in 1940, Margret and H.A. Rey settled in Harvard Square and called it their home following their escape from Europe during World War II. In fact, they escaped Paris, France--with the future drafts of what would be the first Curious George book--moments before the Nazis invaded and occupied the City. When they arrived in America, and settling in Harvard Square, the Rey's partnered with the local publishing house, Houghton Mifflin, to create the first Curious George book...and the rest is history! So, one can say that Curious George was born and raised in Harvard Square! (See the book, The Journey that Saved Curious George).

Why save another bookstore?

Many people around the world visit Harvard Square, Cambridge, and view it as a vital international center for learning. With over 200 unique titles in print and an award winning PBS children's television show, Curious George has always been inextricably linked to education and children's literature. And, unfortunately with the steep decline in brick and mortar bookstores, The World's Only Curious George Store is the ONLY remaining store in the Square and surrounding area dedicated to children's literacy and educational toys.

Sign the petition!

So, if you love Curious George and/or you love our store, please sign our petition. Signing our petition will send a powerful message to those who love Harvard Square that it's imperative we do something to ensure Curious George remains a vital part of the Harvard Square experience far into the future.

With deep appreciation for your support!
Yours truly,
The Curious George Team, Harvard Square

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This petition had 5,942 supporters

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