More Deputies On Hand At Hart District Schools, As Well As Mental Health Resources

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As most of us know, today, November 14, 2019, before school started, Saugus High School of the William S. Hart Union School district experienced a tragic shooting, which has left two students dead and others injured. As a community, Santa Clarita should come together to mourn the lives lost in this tragedy, and the countless others that have been affected. We should also come together to create change, to prevent such a tragic event from ever happening again. With this petition, hopefully a step can be taken to help prevent another such shooting.

Currently, at each of the Hart District Schools, we don't have a single armed sheriff deputy on hand at all times, in case of a school shooter situation. Each deputy is assigned to several high schools and junior high schools. It is impossible for each school at the moment to have an armed security guard at hand throughout the school day to help contain such a situation like the one that unfortunately occurred at Saugus today.

This petition proposes that the Hart District increases the number of armed Deputies that are staffed to protect students. With an increase in the available armed deputies, hopefully there can be at least one on each campus in the Hart District at all times, which can hopefully help to prevent such a tragedy from happening again.

Another problem faced by Hart District students currently is a lack of mental health resources. Currently, only Valencia High School has trained mental health professional available to assist students, but only part time. Mental health problems are a big factor in such events as the shooting that occurred today, but there is a lack of resources available at our schools currently for students to turn to for help. Currently, only school counselors are available for students to turn too, but even then, they are not professionally trained specifically to help kids with any problems with regards to mental health.

This petition proposes that the Hart District hires trained mental health professionals, whether it be therapists or counselors or other such specialists, to be available full time on all campuses for students to turn to for assistance with any mental health problems they may be suffering. With the availability of mental health specialists, problems with students' mental health can hopefully be reduced which can in turn hopefully reduce the chances of another such event as the one today. 

While this is just a petition, this will hopefully be a step in the right direction, to help prevent another tragedy from occurring on our school campuses. These proposals will not solve our problem, but hopefully it will help and spark the necessary change to make our campuses safer.

Condolences are out and prayers are up for all affected by this tragic event.