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'FIVE pig-farm workers have been suspended over a ­horrifying undercover film showing animals being beaten to death with iron bars.

The men will face disciplinary action after last week’s Sunday Mirror revealed sickening images from the movie, which was shot at two farms which supply Britain’s biggest supermarkets

The film, obtained by ­welfare campaigners Animal Equality, also revealed pigs being swung round by their legs and smashed against iron railings.

The animals were shown being knifed, kicked and punched as one worker sneers: “Hurry up and die.”

A statement from East Anglian Pigs, which runs the Little Thorns farm near Swaffham, Norfolk, and The Piggery 10 miles away at Didlington, said: “The company totally condemns any animal mistreatment.

“An internal investigation has resulted in five ­employees being suspended.”

The farms send meat to Cranswick, Britain’s third biggest pork supplier.

Its clients include Morrisons, Sainsbury’s, Tesco, the Co-op, Waitrose, Asda and Jamie Oliver’s supermarket range.

A Cranswick spokesman said: “We don’t tolerate any form of cruelty to any ­animals in our business.”

The RSPCA sent inspectors to both farms last week after seeing the film.

Simon Pope, from the World Society for the Protection of Animals, said: “The footage is some of the most shocking I’ve ever seen.”' - (Sunday Mirror)


Letter to
Little thorns farm and Cranswick Pork Suppliers
I just signed the following petition addressed to: Little thorns farm and Cranswick Pork Suppliers.

Harsher punishment for pig abusers

Animal abuse shouldn't be tolerated towards any kind of animals. I am outraged that these 5 men, are only being suspended from work for the vile inhumane acts that they committed upon these pigs. Not only is it possible that they will abuse more animals in the future but they're also a potential danger to society.

Suspension from work isn't good enough. Animal cruelty isn't tolerated towards domestic animals and shouldn't be tolerated towards livestock.



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