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Petitioning State Representative Frank Skartados and 35 others

Harsher prison terms for fatal hit and run accidents: Increase the minimum and maximum sentencing terms

I have created this petition on behalf of my late friend Erika Hughes in hopes that her killer will receive the maximum sentencing of 7+ years behind bars, here is a little background on the situation:
On january 4th 2013 Suffolk County Judge James Hudson will be determining the sentencing term for Preston Mimms. If you are unaware of who this man is he is the man responsible for taking Erika from us on July 29th 2011. In an attempt to ensure that this man receives the maximum sentencing of 7+ years we are asking that you show your support by signing this petition as well as writing letters to the judge and state officials on behalf of Erika expressing the importance of this man being punished to the fullest extent of the law. Currently Mimms is looking at the possibility of only serving 1 1\3 to 4 years which is a complete travesty. Please help us make a difference and ensure that justice will be served for Erika

PLEASE take a moment to read thease related news artical about the accident and the events surrounding the situation they provide much more information.


Follow up: Preston Mimms was sentenced on Jan 4 2013 to servce 1 1-4 to 4 years behind bars as a result of his crime which included killing Erika , fleeing the scene of the crime and avoiding capture for months... Is this NYS idea of justice? Please help to change this so that no other family has to go through this heart breaking and dissapointing process again...lets hold thease criminals accountable for there actions .

Ecourts link to this man and the charges he is facing complete INJUSTICE

News articles

Facebook event page for Jan 4th 2013 address for judge and other information!/events/299609103491781/?fref=ts

Youtube video spreading awarness

Thease are the current hit and run laws for NY state :

Hit and run laws in other countries and states:

We must come together and demand change.

This petition was delivered to:
  • State Representative
    Frank Skartados
  • Speaker of the New York state assembly
    Sheldon Silver
  • New York state Assembly
    Fred Thiele
  • New York State Senate 3rd District
    Lee Zeldin
  • New York State Assembly Majority leader
    Ron Canestrari
  • New York State Assembly Deputy Majority Leader
    N. Nick Perry
  • NYSA
    Harvey Weisenberg
  • NYSA
    James Skoufis
  • NYSA
    Samuel D. Roberts
  • NYSA
    Bill Reilich
  • NYSA
    David G. McDonough
  • NYSA
    Nicole Malliotakis
  • NYSA
    Alan Maisel
  • NYSA
    Donna A. Lupardo
  • NYSA
    Harry B. Bronson
  • NYSA
    Edward C. Braunstein
  • Senator
    Kirsten Gillibrand
  • NYSA
    Joseph Borelli
  • NYSA
    Michael Cusick
  • 3rd assembly district elect
    Edward Hennessey
  • Suffolk County Legislature
    Kate Browning
  • New York state Senate
    Kenneth P LaValle
  • New York State Attorney General
    Eric Schneiderman
  • Suffolk County District Attorney
    Thomas J. Spota
  • Nassua County District Attorney
    Kathleen Rice
  • New York State Senate Transportation Chair
    Charles J Fuschillo Jr.
  • Member of Assembly 6th District
    Philip Ramos
  • assistant senate majority whip
    Martin J Golden
  • NYSA
    Phil Steck
  • NYSA
    Michelle Schimel
  • NYSA
    Bill Nojay
  • NYSA
    Joan L. Millman
  • NYSA
    Chad A. Lupinacci
  • NYSA
    Dennis Gabryszak
  • NYSA
    David DiPietro
  • New York Governor

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