Work From Home: A preventive measure of Coronavirus

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With the number of infected count touching 500, India's worst Coronavirus fears seem to be coming true.

According to WHO, washing hands frequently, maintaining social distance, avoiding touching eyes and nose, and practicing respiratory hygiene are among the basic preventive measures for this deadly virus.

But a regular weekday involves traveling to work through private or public transport, interacting/getting in contact with several people on the way to work and within office premises, touching objects and cracking jokes while simultaneously panicking about the widespread virus.

While it is easy to follow the prescribed preventive measures when confined to the four walls of homes, following them otherwise is a difficult task. Hence, the measure  to follow the basic preventive measures is avoiding commuting and going to work. Also, thanks to the advancement in communication technology and cheap internet, going to a central place of work isn't necessary.
Employees can telecommute or Work From Home. 

Sign this petition to ask the Health Minister of India to put this preventive measure to action and order organisations to make it compulsory for their employees to work from home till the virus subsides.