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Require the abolition of "Resort Fees"


Hotels are lying to us just like the airlines have done years ago. They advertise one rate online, and when you go to check into the hotel you are hit with anywhere between 3-35 dollars PER NITE in an extra "Resort Fee" charges. These Hotel and Casinos are sometimes not even really "Resorts" with pools and restaurants and show rooms but are simple hotels with out the luxuries that most "Real Resorts" have. For example. The El Cortez Hotel & Casino is a small operation in downtown las vegas with no pool, no showroom, no spa, and no fitness center for the main tower guests to use. Yet they are charging a 8.95 dollar per night Resort Fee. This is in addition to the 120 dollar "Per Stay" deposit you must put on the room. This is a low 2.5 star hotel and casino downtown. When you move to the strip the resort fees go as high as 34.95 per night. thats in addition to the room rate charged. Instead of paying 49.00 per night like the website advertises. Once you book when you get to the hotel they charge you an additional 34.95 for every night you stay there in addition to what you already paid. Thats almost as much as the room cost itself. 


Hotels should be required to advertise the TOTAL price per night and per stay in the hotel search engline websites. Much like the federal government required the airlines to do years ago. It's not fair to think you got a great rate on your resort and because you didn't read the fine print that is most times HIDDEN from you on the booking page, you find out your hotel is going to cost you 200 or 300 dollars more than what you thought. 


Join me in telling the Nevada Leaders that we're sick of the deception and aren't going to take it anymore!

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