Harrison county /Marshall Texas Save Our Historical statues and monuments

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We need to save all of our historical statues and monuments but in particular here in Harrison County there are those who are following suit to the black live matter’s movement and to those who want to erase history about slaves yes the Civil War needs to be remembered because of everything that was accomplished by it but we need to remember both the north and the south. Like many Southerners- many never owned slaves or owned a plantation they were drafted into the confederacy and drafted to defend their country land all they were trying to do was defend their homes defend their families . But we do owe them the honor of remembering them if people stop and take the time to look at each individual statue or monument and learn the history of it like - The monument here in front of the courthouse in Marshall Texas was erected in January 1906 the The whole ceremony about it the poems the pomp and circumstance , speeches from survivors and dedications read by the daughters of the Confederacy President she was very eloquent and stating that “It doesn’t stand and was not directed to fight for slavery or civil rights or wrongs it was directed to the young men some still children who left their homes in the confusion of the chaos and fought for something for honor and it represents those who died for the cause .” They worked three years to raise the money to pay tribute to the soldiers who never returned. so much history has been skipped over so yes Education of the subject which was directed in peace to soothe troubled hearts and love dedicated for families lost!! I am sad and devastated that our statue here in Marshall Texas is even being wrongly targeted For it being deemed as offensive because this is a statue of love and honor so please sign the petition below to help save our history to help save our historical statues and monuments all across our land not just here but everywhere . Thank you