Rebirth the Community through Education, Health & Wellness, & Entertainment.

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Dear Harrisburg Residents & Surrounding Communities - 

Capital Rebirth, Inc. would like to inform you that we have reached out to the Harrisburg School District expressing a deep interest in purchasing the William Penn High School campus. Our team has a vision for this space that will benefit the entire city of Harrisburg and its surrounding communities. 

We believe it is of strong importance to bring education back to the building of William Penn with modernized resources and facilities, as well as vocational capabilities. We believe this is imperative in order to jumpstart our generations to come and it will enhance their educational opportunities. In addition, our plan will provide a safe space for our youth.

Along with education, we will bring a new level of entertainment and recreation the city needs and deserves. In the event of a natural disaster, it will provide a fallout shelter for residents. It will rebirth the community through education, entertainment, and health and wellness and preserve the William Penn legacy in the community.

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We must continue to use our resources to uplift our city and that’s what we’re doing. We dedicate ourselves to serving our community and do all we can to giving back.

Thank you in advance for your support, 

Capital Rebirth, Inc.