Save The Anthills!

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The Anthills are the bicycle trails along Terry Hershey Park in Houston, TX. They are in threat of being removed by the county because they are believed to be an encroachment along side the Buffalo Bayou. 

Please help save over 20 years of dedication, hard work and pure love for a sport that brings joy and pleasure to all ages and genders.

This isn’t just a park where you can enjoy riding your bike, it requires structure, organization, communication, daily maintenance, fundraisers for tools and much more. Every single day for over 20 years, someone has volunteered to put in their effort to make a positive impact on the trails and leave their stamp.

Kids have used this place as a way to escape reality and learn the discipline and organization that this place requires in order to function properly.

We are internationally recognized and the trails have been a starting platform for the careers of many professionals from the state of Texas. We get visitors from different cities, states, countries and even continents every single month that just want to come and experience the beauty and creativity of our jumps.

The Anthills are more than just a local bike park, its a foundation for many but most importantly, it’s a second home to all the volunteers that have put in their blood, sweat and tears to keep this place up and running for the past 20 years.