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Harmony Gold Free Macross to the Western World

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More than a decade has passed since we have last seen a complete and literal presentation of the original 1982 Macross TV series here in the United States. The ADV English dub of the 1982 Macross TV series was released on DVD in 2006! No other Macross TV series or movie from the ongoing Macross franchise has been seen outside of Japan since 1995! I have finally realized what the problem is: Harmony Gold and its international Macross trademarks!

I, Tony Bui, started this petition because it does not make sense to me for Harmony Gold to continue blocking any of the ongoing Macross franchise from being released outside of Japan. Harmony Gold has held onto the 1982 Macross series via trademarks for three decades! In that time, Harmony Gold could not legally or creatively produce anything like what Studio Nue, Artland, Big West and Bandai Visual have done for the Japanese Macross franchise! While Macross in the USA has been at a standstill since 1982, Macross has been an ongoing franchise in Japan, which has resulted in many Macross productions, such as the 1984 Macross: Do you remember love? Movie, the 1987 Macross Flashback 2012 OVA, the 1992 Macross II OVA, 1994 Macross Plus OVA and movie, the 1994 Macross 7 TV series, the 2004 Macross Zero OVA, the 2007 Macross Frontier TV series and movies and the 2016 Macross Delta TV series!

Macross is a story originally created by the staff of Studio Nue and then produced through Tatsunoku Productions Ltd. and licensed by Big West. The “Veritech fighters” that you know from the Macross Saga have always been called “Valkyries” designed by the original visionary creator: Shoji Kawamori! Shoji Kawamori is also the man who has designed many of the other mechanical designs for other Japanese anime TV shows like Transformers - Optimus Prime, Eureka 7 and Gundam 0083. Harmony Gold has done nothing in the making of the original production of the 1982 Macross TV series.

Since the year 2000, Harmony Gold has been sending cease and desists letters to companies world-wide who were willing to release any Macross series related video productions or merchandised goods. Harmony Gold has used their branded product “Robotech” to block any new Macross productions that were to be released outside of Japan via trademarking the Macross name and logo!

The 1982 Macross TV Series is one of three Japanese anime adapted to the United States market to be branded with TV series name “ROBOTECH” by Harmony Gold. The TV series ROBOTECH is made up of three different anime series: the 1982 Macross TV series, the Genesis Climber MOSPEADA TV series and the Super Dimension Cavalry Southern Cross TV series. These three TV series were edited together to make into one TV series under the name ROBOTECH as agreed upon by the Revell model company and Harmony Gold. The original storyline of Macross is not inherently connected to those two other anime series. Macross is a story about pop music and clashing cultures, transforming war machines and love! Apart from the love triangles, music and transforming mechanical designs, those two other anime series have nothing in the common with the original Macross. 

Harmony Gold has also consistently sub-licensed poorly engineered and manufactured toys and goods without crediting the original mechanical and character design creators! Like the Robotech II (OVA), the Shadow Chronicles (OVA), and the Robotech Academy Kickstarter TV series have been abandoned by Harmony Gold in anticipation for a Robotech movie that was supposed to be in production since 2007! Harmony Gold has yet to follow through on an original, high-quality Robotech production.

Recently, Harmony Gold has twice use the Kickstarter website to generate revenue for new Robotech properties. The Robotech Tactics Kickstarter has been successful only because of the Macross mechanical designs of Shoji Kawamori and Kazutaka Miyatake. In no way have the original creators been compensated by Harmony Gold for their designs and work outside of Japan. The Robotech Academy Kickstarter failed even when trying to use the reputation of the deceased Carl Macek. I cannot see how Carl Macek could have made any meaningful contribution for the proposed series: Robotech Academy. I do respect Carl Macek for being one of the people who had introduced Japanese anime to the United States, but that marketing style of 1980s anime has ended. Many current anime series have been released in their original format without any adaptations made for the North American audience.

I state that there is no legal nor ethical right for any company to use trademarking on a 30 years old TV series to block all new derivative TV works, especially when Harmony Gold has had no part in the making of the original TV creation!

I also state that Harmony Gold has never really had new, original or successful ideas for their ROBOTECH franchise.

Sign this petition if you agree that all of the Macross franchise international license should be granted only to the original creators and producers: Studio Nue, Artland, Big West, and Bandai Visual!

The world-wide Macross fans need to be free from Harmony Gold's rule over Macross!

Long Live Culture!

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