For Mike Courtney - Harley Davidsons side stand safety measures

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On September 26th 2020 in Summerland British Columbia, Mike Courtney lost his life in a tragic motorcycle accident that was 100 percent avoidable. On the bike mikey was riding, there was no fail safe in the side stand, allowing the bike to go into gear and ride with the stand down. Mikey took a corner shortly after beginning his ride to Penticton and his side stand connected with the road, kicking the bike out from under him and sending him into the barricade. It is time that Harley Davidson improves their safety measures to stop accidents like this from continuing to happen.

On all Honda bikes when a kick stand is down there is a fail safe that will shut the bike off when attempting to put it into gear protecting the rider from an accident like this one.  The Kelowna Harley Davidson has confirmed this is not the case with their bikes and that they will go into gear.

This is a completely avoidable situation and Harley Davidson can help save many future lives by making a simple change.

Please help get the attention of Harley Davidson and let them know this needs to be changed!