Make the St Ann’s development an opportunity to create healthy streets in St Ann’s Ward

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The upcoming development on the St Ann’s hospital site will add 700-800 new homes across our ward. Instead of more motor traffic, air pollution and congestion on our streets, we want to ensure this regeneration also creates healthier streets in the community 

At present 12,000 cars travel along St Ann’s Road every day past 4 primary schools, a playground, a hospital, a health centre, and residential homes. 82% of these journeys are in vehicles which are travelling at illegal speeds. 

Please sign this petition if you think the development should be used as an opportunity to create a low traffic neighbourhood in St Ann’s Ward, enabling more residents to travel by foot or bike, reducing dangerous driving, creating more space for residents to interact, and more places for children to play on our streets. This is better for air quality, road safety, our health, and supports local business. 

You can read more about Healthy Streets St. Ann’s here.