Appeal to Paradox Interactive to include 3rd person perspective for Bloodlines 2.

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This is by no means an attempt to state 3rd person is superior to 1st person, but an attempt of inclusion of both views for those who prefer it. It is not our intent to start a debate of superiority but to drive harmony and communication within the community, and make all long time fans of The World of Darkness Happy. We want to see more games based in this Universe which many of us grew up with. The World of Darkness has always had a very united community and it is our hope that it stays that way. 

We understand Hardsuit Labs has more experience in 1st person games, but we feel it is necessary to include 3rd person, the same way it was included in the first Vampire The Masquerade Bloodlines game.

Like many things in our world Immersion is a matter of perspective in gaming. While some consider 1st person view to be more immersive, there is an equal amount of gamers who consider 3rd person to be more immersive.

More importantly, there are thousands of gamers who suffer from a condition called Kinetosis which is a form of motion sickness or spatial disorientation. Several thousand people feel motion sickness while playing video games. Doctors even have a name for it: They call it simulator sickness because it was first noticed in people using driving or flying simulators. While doctors have no clear explanation of the condition, or why people suffer form it, it's usually predominant while using a 1st person camera angle symptoms include Nausea, Vomiting and Migraines. Paradox and Hardsuit Labs will be excluding thousands of players, due to a physical impairment. Below there's an article that talks about motion sickness in video games:

The World of Darkness and Vampire The Masquerade roots come form Pen and Paper or Tabletop Role-Playing game, in the past we could only imagine how our characters would look like, but modern technology has now made what we thought impossible possible. During the live stream it was mentioned that the game has a robust character creator and customization, many of us from the old school RP community would like to see our character, in more than just cut scenes during game play. We feel such a robust character creator in an RPG is a complete waste, when we will only see our characters during story moments. 

We feel with a franchise as big as Vampire The Masquerade the exclusion of 3rd person, will only harm the experience as being able to visualize your character is extremely important in an RPG. As we explained before immersion is a matter of perspective, to some of us being able to see our character, during game play, combat and conversations as well as story is more immersive, than to look through what seems a camera lens. 

The first bloodlines game achieved a cult following, with the community going as far as patching the game, and creating thousands of mods even 15 years after it's initial release. The first Bloodlines games, albeit buggy included a 3rd person camera, catering to both 1st and 3rd person gamers. The announcement of first person only completely killed the hype for thousands watching the live stream, causing many to not pre-order the game or to cancel their pre- orders myself included. 

Most of us don't play games, to replicate our lives, 1st person view is not as immersive as real life. We like to play this characters as an extension of ourselves in a different world, and this is what makes games great. To some of us Seeing our characters interacting in that world dripping in atmosphere with others, having a choice of what clothes to wear, but more importantly being able to see that character we created is what we call immersive. Think of games such as Red Dead Redemption, Grand Theft Auto, The Witcher 3, Assassins Creed and Skyrim. 

We hope Paradox Interactive and Hardsuit labs understand how important, it is for us fans of The World of Darkness to have access to third person view during game play and would like to remind you that the highest grossing video game franchises have all included a 3rd person view :  

We hope Paradox Entertainment will listen to their community and we thank you in advance, for bringing back one of the best franchises out there. Again this is not an attempt to divide the community, but to unite it with the inclusion of both preferences.