Hardee's - Join 2019 and Offer the Plant-Based Beyond Burger!

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I’m Alisha and I, like many other college students, often find myself looking for a quick meal on the go. I often pass by Hardee’s but this establishment does not offer food options that are accessible for me. The location I pass by fails to offer healthier options without animal cruelty involved. If Hardee’s followed Carl's Jr—it's west coast equivalent that piloted the Beyond Famous Star this year—in expanding the Beyond Burger to national locations, I would also be able to enjoy what many consumers are demanding in 2019.

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The Beyond Burger would be a great financial investment for Hardee's. Beyond Meat recently went public with investments and raised nearly a quarter of a billion dollars while also soaring 163% from their original IPO (the biggest increase for a US company since 2000).

There has been rapidly increasing consumer demand for the Beyond Burger and Hardee's is falling behind the times and missing a huge opportunity by not offering plant-based options. Restaurants including TGI Fridays, BurgerFi and A&W are offering Beyond Burgers as a way to be plant-based accessible and tap into the growing demand and popularity of plant-based eating. At A&W for instance, the Beyond Burger boosted yearly sales by 10% and sold out in several locations on the first day. Even Burger King has responded to the demand and nationally came out with a plant-based burger as of recent.

Nowadays, more and more people are realizing the animal welfare, environmental, and health issues tied to meat consumption and are looking for greener and healthier versions of the meals they know. Hardee's has a great opportunity here and I believe that the business can seize this chance and do better.