Add an Image Repeal of “No New Pets” policy at 3 Navy Wharf & 5 Mariner Terrace

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As you may be aware, Harbourview Estates condo board has passed a rule stating that no pet(s) not been registered with the condo before August 31, 2018 cannot live or stay at either 3 Navy Wharf Crt & 5 Mariner Terrace. This goal of this rule is to phase out current pets and make Harbour View Estates a pet free facility, despite having animal inclusive facilities, including a dog run and break area. This rule sets a dangerous precedent for Toronto pet owners.

The rule passed states:

Rule No. 3 “New Pets” of TSCC 1764 states that:

(a) No owner or resident shall maintain, keep or shelter any animal, dog, cat, livestock, reptile, rodent or fowl in any unit or on the property.

(b) Notwithstanding paragraph (a) above, any animal, dog, cat, livestock, reptile, rodent or fowl resident within a unit at the time these rules come into effect, will be permitted to remain on the property a pet of an owner or resident (“Grandfathered Pet”),

As a respectful pet owner and/or ally, I ask that this rule be repealed and the board work with the community to create reasonable, inclusive measures for all residents of Harbourview Estates.